If you want to do lashes business, first of all, congratulations on making the right decision, and the Lashes Business is very hot in the world with a promising market. And the ladies love the 3D Mink Lashes very much, there’s a huge market in the eye makeup field.


How to Buy Eyelashes Glue? If you have luxury 3D mink eyelashes, you also need high-quality eyelashes glues. Because only the best eyelashes glue can match luxury 3D mink eyelashes.

When you start your mink eyelashes business line, many customers may order lashes with eyelashes glue, or eyelashes brushes, eyelashes…

Many suppliers put the profits and exports first in the company.

For example, how many production styles, eyelashes and eyelash boxes are sold and can get how much profits from eyelashes wholesalers.

In fact, there is not the same situation in our company. Of cause, company get profits is the first task, but not the first standard.

How to better improve our service level is our measurement standard.

How to improve our service level?

(1) First of all, we continue to invest in technical personnel and design and development to create more…

Do you love Lilly Lashes Goodness?

If you’re into the full glam lash look, these round, robust lashes and Lilly Lashes Goodness are soon to be your go-to.

Bold yet still fluttery, these game-changing lashes have a unique interlacing design with ‘V’ shaped clusters, creating a Dramatic Lash look while seamlessly blending with your Natural Lashes.

How much does your lashes box cost? Sisley Lashes will give you a good price for your reference, help you make a good Eyelash Box order.
Ⅰ. Profile

Eyelash Box

The eyelash box plays an important role in the process of eyelash sales. Eyelash Packaging can not only protect eyelashes from damage,

but also enhance product value, promote sales, and at the same time spread the brand value to obtain more customers and markets.

A growing number of customers choose…

In modern society, a growing number of people choose to Buy Eyelash Boxes with great-looking Eyelash Boxes.

What a coincidence! Our company is committed to the design and production of Eyelash Packaging.

Please look at the following detailed introduction to acquire what you want to know.

The advantages of eyelash boxes:

On the one hand…

Sisley Lashes

Wholesale Mink Lashes 3D Mink Lash Vendors USA Eyelash Manufacturer

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